"Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will."-Vernon Howard

Above all I am a human, calling Santa Barbara, California, United States, planet Earth my home. Always a student, always curious, and always searching for answers to life's challenges and obstacles. My actions and interests are driven towards making our world better for all - both now and in the future.

I am a graduate of UC Santa Barbara in Environmental Studies with a Minor in Professional Writing. My experience at a large Public University left me questioning what has become the status quo of society. Is sustainability really enough? Based on what I've learned under many great mentors and professors in UCSB's Environmental program, "greening" our actions and pursuing sustainability is not enough. We must strive towards a regenerative way of life.

My beliefs have led me to seek out connections with problem solvers looking towards regenerative as the new norm. Currently, I am involved in projects and business' that hyper-analyze every step and process - constantly evolving not towards sustainability, but towards regenerative. Check out my work section for more info.



I've always known that I only want to be involved with projects that are fulfilling and align with my views. Life is short, so why waste it away doing something you don't believe in.

Arriving at UCSB as a wide-eyed and curious freshman, I didn't know what the my desire for fufilling experiences would evolve into. In the Environmental Studies department I realized that climate change is the great problem of our generation. But what to do about this seemingly unstoppable phenomenon? As time passed I realized that the power to make change truly begins at the individual - what choices and actions we make each day have an undeniable impact on not only our future, but the future of the planet. Moreover, because we live in a capitalistic society, I believe the dollar to be single best "vote" we could ever have. Choosing a Hershey's Bar which contains cocoa grown with slave-like labor, chemicals created with petroleum, and a wrapper that has no ability to be recycled or decomposed within our lifetime, directly votes for each of these practices to be continued in the future by Hershey's and other companies like it. So what do we do about this? We make conscious and informed decisions to vote for companies doing good. In the realm of chocolate, there are many fair or direct-trade companies which work directly with farmers to ensure fair, living wages and sound growing practices which steward ecosystems and the land. Some even use compostable or recyclable packaging too. Does this require more intention and mindfulness when performing the oft mindless and taste-bud driven task of grocery shopping? Yes, it does. But I can promise that your children and the Earth with thank you.

So why is all of this in my Work section? Quite simply, I only want to involve myself in projects which support this regenerative style of business, where people and earth care are put first. In addition to my coursework in Environmental Studies and Writing at UCSB, I have involved myself heavily in the local agriculture and farming communities here in Santa Barbara and abroad. I earned my Permaculture Design Certificate in the caribbean jungle of Costa Rica, learning hands on about how Permaculture principles can be applied to not only the land, but to business, relationships and our daily lives. Since, I've had the opportunity to make a difference in various avenues using a Permaculture lense of looking at problems. From UCSB's Associated Students Recycling and Composting program where I applied Permaculutre Principle to our outreach garden and events to the Isla Vista Food Co-op where I was able to buy produce face to face from local organic farmers at our amazing farmer's markets.

As I continue to grow and reflect on my time at UCSB I look excitedly towards the future and the work I will do to make the world a more equitable and regenerative place. Currently, I have been doing Sales work for CACOCO, a Santa Cruz, California based drinking chocolate company. CACOCO combines Direct Trade Cacao and fully compostable packaging in a revolutionary way, bringing consumers back to the tradtional sacred Mayan and Aztec way of consuming the amazing superfood that is chocolate.

To see more about some of the skills I've gained through these experiences, check out my resume.

My current, and more creative outlet is my private event catering company: Elate. With Elate I want to change the way events - such as weddings and other private functions, interact with our planet. By only using organic, and mostly local ingredients to craft our plant-based menu items, I want to change the way events impact the local economy and ecosystems. Please follow along the journey as Elate changes the way Southern and Central California does private events.


100 miles away from where you last slept. 50 miles to go. 25 mph headwind and half a bottle left of water. This is my play. This is bike-packing

Exploration via pedaling admittedly contains an aspect of work, both mentally and physically. But, the element of unknown discovery accompanying pedaling your bicycle long distances is what makes it "play" for me. From the endless monoculture agriculural land of California' valleys, to the beauty of the Big Sur coast, to the peaks of high-reaching mountain summits, the places your bicycle can take you are unbelievable. The awesome beauty of the California country backroads that I've gotten to explore is indescribable. Pedal-based adventure has me convinced that the best way to get from point A to B is with your two legs.

Pedaling is not the only thing I do for play. Surfing, wild-food foraging, trail-running, cooking, and relaxing are some of the many activities that you'll find me doing for fun. Lifes short, enjoy it.

Selected Design Portfolio

I have accumulated visual design pieces which I am proud to call my own. Creative expression through visual design is something I enjoy immensely. Heres a few for you to check out:

Trifold Brochure for a new startup, Gaucho Goods

UC Natural Reserve, Coal Oil Point, 2017 Newsletter

UCSB Professional Writing Minor Flyer

Flyer for a local Santa Barbara Landscape Consulting Company



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